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Gas Safe responsibility lies with gas safety. If you wish to find an installer who can carry out gas work in your home, enquire about becoming Gas Safe-registered, find out more about Gas Safe and Gas Safe registration or make a complaint about a registered or non-registered installer, then call Gas Safe on 0870 401 2300. If you want to talk to somebody about a different problem, then one of the contacts below may help you:

Citizens Advice Bureau
Offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice. Look in your local phone book to find your nearest bureau or go to

Energy Watch
Independent gas and electricity consumer watchdog. Information and advice about gas and electricity at home or in business. They can help you if you have a complaint about your energy provider. Visit or call 08459 060708

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
Any information relating to work carried out by non-registered installers or unsafe gas work carried out by registered installers can be passed to the HSE for possible enforcement action. If you are concerned about gas safety, visit the HSE Gas Safety website at and/or call the HSE Gas Safety Advice Line FREE on 0800 300 363.

HSE (Northern Ireland)
Call 0800 032 0121 and visit

HSW (Isle of Man)

Institute of Plumbing
The UK''s professional voluntary body for plumbers and others in the plumbing industry. The IOP has a member’s directory where a local Registered Plumber can be found by simply entering a postcode on their website. The IOP will also investigate complaints into their registered plumbers. Visit or call 01708 472791.

Institution of Gas Engineers (IGE)
The IGE offer a consultancy service and report on gas installation. A directory of consultants may be supplied at a charge. IGE also holds technical standard regulations for industrial and commercial areas in addition to domestic regulations for timber frame houses. Call 0207 487 0650

Local Authority Environmental Health Departments
Your local Authority (i.e. Council) will have an environmental health department. The phone number is available in your local telephone book. The environmental health department can assist with safety issues that arise from neighbouring or rented properties, concerns about public safety.

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)
NICEIC aims to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations in homes, places of work and leisure time. In order to achieve this, they maintain a register of electrical contractors that have been assessed as complying with the Council''s rules. They also investigate complaints about their members'' work. Visit or call 0207 564 2323.

Office of Gas Supply & Electrical Markets (Ofgem)
Ofgem is the regulator for Britain''s gas and electricity industries. Its role is to protect and advance the interests of consumers by promoting competition where possible, and through regulation only where necessary. It can assist with problems relating to the supply of gas and electricity and the gas and electricity suppliers. Visit or call 0207 901 7000.

Water Voice represents water customers. Any complaints or concerns relating to the water regulations and water by-laws that cannot be resolved by your local water company should be referred to this organisation. Any complaints relating to your local water company should also be referred to this organisation. Visit or call 0121 625 1300.

Trading Standards
Trading standards offices should be contacted for advice regarding contractual and financial issues in addition to general working practices. They can also advise on complaints regarding faulty goods or services.   Look in your local phone book for a contact number or find your local Trading Standards Office at .

The UK national gas emergency service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you smell gas you should shut off the gas supply and contact Transco on 0800 111999. To find out more visit

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